Learning to Trust in God’s Plan

Over Analyzing God’s Blueprint How many times have we done this? Sometimes when God opens doors in your life, it can be so easy to question why things are happening, especially when some circumstances are unexpected. Why can’t we simply just walk through it? Let’s talk about this. I’ve definitely been experiencing this lately, and … Read moreLearning to Trust in God’s Plan

Remembering His Faithfulness: A Study on Psalm 78

Happy Tuesday Beloved! Today, I wanted to share some thoughts on Psalm 78, “A Contemplation of Asaph.” Asaph was the author of this Psalm, and a singer and musician of King David and Solomon. In this passage, Asaph is explaining the faithfulness of the Lord, and the IMPORTANCE OF NOT ALLOWING HISTORY TO REPEAT ITSELF … Read moreRemembering His Faithfulness: A Study on Psalm 78